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I Repair/Customize Guitar Amplifiers; Fender - Matchless

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Services For: Computer Networks, Fire Systems, And Building-Low Voltage Wiring


I began working in the low voltage engineering field in the early 1980s, shortly after I graduated from The University Of Maryland, Division Of Mathematical And Physical Sciences. 

My many years of experience, in the audio engineering and construction fields, give me a unique set of skills that make me an expert in correcting and repairing building wiring.

I have over 30 years of engineering experience, and I have designed and implemented a large number of diverse systems.  I provide installation and repair services for: computer network transmission systems, fire notification systems, sound systems, control systems, and more. 

I specialize in the service and repair of older style fire notification systems.   If they are still in your commercial space, I can assist you in repairing control panels, finding ground and wiring faults, and maintaining system reliability.

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